Kiteboard Course Racing World Championship


The World’s first Kiteboard Course Racing Championship was held here in San Francisco brought to you by the St. Francis Yacht Club. The competition brought contestants from all over the world with a majority of them from the United States. Here they faced off with each other on a huge course.

The course covered an area that was supposedly one nautical mile, but the leg of the race seemed much longer than that. From Crissy Field the boundaries were assumed to be the west end of Crissy Field to the west, Alcatraz Island to the east, Sausalito to the north, and Crissy Field Beach to the south.

Race qualifications began on August 4th through August 6th. Race Finals were held on August 7th and 8th. The qualifying races seemed like it would be a lot of fun. When looking at all the competitors out on the water it reminded me a huge biker gang riding behind one another. It was a pretty amazing site.

At first glance, when arriving to the beach it was surreal to see a beach lined with a rainbow of colors. If one did not know that there was a competition, someone can easily mistake the kites as tents. The week had excellent conditions. It was sunny skies with a few scattered clouds and the winds were good enough for a great competition. Tourists and native Bay Area locals lined the beach front for a glimpse of this sport. To some this event was something new and cool and to others they thought that it was a little crazy to see people being pulled on a surfboard by a kite and going around inflatable buoys. Interesting enough, if you haven’t seen a competition like this before it is something to see for yourself. Like in any sport you will have your likes and dislikes. I felt that this sport was a little slow for me, but I bet if I were to pick up the sport of kiteboarding my opinion would dramatically change.