Bay to Breakers 2010

Bay to Breakers 2010 (click here for images)

Bay to Breakers is San Francisco’s excuse to have a crazy good time. It’s an event race where practically the whole city attends with many more coming from all over the Bay Area and even throughout the world. Some come with running the race in mind, some come just to relax and have a great time partying with friends and family. Some come clothed in costumes and some don’t come clothed at all.

This year’s race was a little better in terms of the weather, but still was a little bit on the chilly side, until the early afternoon when things started to clear up. The foot race seemed to have a lot more people, but the costumes were on the decline as to previous years. I think perhaps race attenders didn’t have enough disposable income to spend on creating costumes. Many race attenders just came armed with cameras to try and catch the craziest costumes and just the weirdest of things.

All in all, being able to document this foot race was pretty fun and seeing just the vast amount of people on the streets felt kind of surreal. The colors all over were just a photographers dream come true. I, myself, love colors all around it just makes me happy. However, when I come across old naked and even young people naked, it just throws me for a loop because this is just something you don’t see everyday, nor should you be exposed to some of them. I mean if you’re gonna expose yourself please look in the mirror and don’t punish people.

In the end, I had a great time. People that I photographed were nice and friendly. Some of the costumes were great and some not so great, but in the end I think that it’s the spirit of laughter and joy that make this foot race so fun to attend. My favorite costumes this year for the race would have to go to the groups that created team outfits, especially the group of gnomes, the Pac-Man group, the Mario Kart groups, and the Tetris group. Congratulations guys for making me laugh, you guys are great. Until next year folks! See you at the races!!!

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