35th Annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

Haight Street Fair 2012

Ever feel like a sardine in a can? Well that’s what it felt like to be at the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. The ever so popular HASF had so many people that you couldn’t help not bumping into someone. The 35th annual street fair ran for several blocks from Stanyan St. to Masonic Ave. The weather that day was just perfect. Just another beautiful sunny summer day in San Francisco.

Walking down Haight Street was like walking through a time warp. There were a lot of people out in bright and colorful clothing, some tie-dyed shirts, and a few smoking that herbal plant. HASF’s crowd for the day was a mix of hipsters, hippies, young adults, with only a few families with children. Lined to the sides of the street were food vendors, art & crafts booths, information booths, and a few side show acts.

Two main stages built on opposite ends of the fair, played music that fit the Haight psychedelic genre. At both stages crowds packed even more tightly towards the fronts of the stages with even crowds lined up on the sidewalk. In the Kids zone, a smaller stage was placed on a side street near the fair’s center that brought families together for entertainment surrounded by face painters, balloon artists, and many more.

Although this street fair was only for one day, it seems like everyone came to party. However, many fair-goers had to hide their booze in bags as this SF street fair was a “dry” event.

At the end of the day, the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair brought in people from all over to come check out where Peace, Love, and Happiness resides. Bringing together whoever and whomever, the HASF did a pretty good job of uniting people for this one day celebration.

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Haight Street Fair 2012 (1)

Two ladies sportin' the products from the Dirty Pigeon, SF Giants colors represent

Haight Street Fair 2012 (2)

Woman carries a well made monkey balloon

Haight Street Fair 2012 (3)

Monkeybutts drummer sets the tone for the kids

Haight Street Fair 2012 (4)

Lady gets a henna tattoo of an owl

Haight Street Fair 2012 (5)

Vendor reaches out to pet dog

Haight Street Fair 2012 (6)

Lovely couple spends the afternoon together

Haight Street Fair 2012 (7)

Friends enjoying a wonderful sunny afternoon

Haight Street Fair 2012 (8)

Jam packed street fair

Haight Street Fair 2012 (9)


Haight Street Fair 2012 (10)

Singing to a lively crowd on Haight and Stanyan Sts.

Haight Street Fair 2012 (11)

ChalkedTees owner with his artwork

Haight Street Fair 2012 (12)

Hittin' those keys

Haight Street Fair 2012 (13)

Jammin' on the electric guitar

Haight Street Fair 2012 (14)

Rockin' the bass

Haight Street Fair 2012 (15)

Kid runs toward the bubbles or MJPhotography, you should too

Haight Street Fair 2012 (16)

Sidewalk string quartet violinist

Haight Street Fair 2012 (17)

Double the Peace

Haight Street Fair 2012 (18)

Now I understand why Cookie Monster ate the way he did

Haight Street Fair 2012 (19)

"Oh Kermie"

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