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49ers Family Day 2009

49ers Family Day 2009

The San Francisco 49ers hosted Family Day at Candlestick Park. Free to all fans, the 49ers offered many workshops for the kids, activities for all ages (field goal kick, 40 yard dash, obstacle course, etc), and even autograph signings.

This was my first year at Family Day ever. As a native San Franciscan, I’ve never had the opportunity to come to one Family Day. Having the opportunity with two friends, I decided to tag along for the journey. It was quite a crazy experience. I’ve never seen so many kids running around wearing 49ers memorabilia. Lines were long for free autographs. There were even lines for food and free giveaways. The kids had probably one of the best giveaways ever. They got a free ticket if they completed several workshops at the stadium. The tickets were for upper reserve seats. Their face value was $81.

My favorite moment at Family Day was being able to see the five Super Bowl Vince Lombardi trophies. I can’t believe that San Francisco was home to so many awesome players. It’s kind of sad to see the end of an era. I just hope with the new pick up of Michael Crabtree that the team will pick up a little pace on the many years of drought. I remember the days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. That was when I had a deep appreciation for the game. I played in high school and I followed the team, but ever since the team started going down hill it was hard for me to want to stay home and watch the game.

One sad thing to note is that there was this one booth that showed fans the new stadium plans for Santa Clara in 2014. I was so sad seeing this because Candlestick Park will be only a memory. The Giants have left the building to AT&T Park and now the 49ers are soon to leave for a different city altogether. If there was something I could change about the move, I would have the 49ers play in Oakland for a few years as Candlestick Park is rebuilt, but that is only a dream. I hope that I will have the same passion for football as I once did when I was younger.

Overall, Family Day was a great time to see how much fans still appreciate the team. I’m glad I went because that’s what sports is all about, it’s about family coming together to take part and watch the game together.

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