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Matt Cain Pitches A Perfect Game

Giants World Series Parade 2010 Matt Cain

Unbelievable game pitched by Matt Cain as he pitched against the Houston Astros. Matt becomes the first SF Giant to pitch a perfect game, which includes the time the Giants franchise was in New York. Matt Cain pitched 14Ks and allowed for an awesome game. He received a lot of run support with the Giants picking up 10 runs, the most runs this season at home. Cain becomes the 22nd player in major league baseball history to pitch a perfect game.

Also pivotal moments of the game was the wind, spin of the ball or something that prevented Astros catcher Chris Snyder from hitting a homerun. Also another great play was when Gregor Blanco performed a remarkable catch in center field preventing a base-runner in the top of the 7th inning. Lastly, the final batter of the game, Jason Castro, hit a bouncing ground ball to Giants third baseman Joaquin Arias to first baseman Brandon Belt.

As much as a traditional “torture” game goes in San Francisco, the last play of the game couldn’t have been more of a torture situation as it had gotten.  The play could have made it or broke it for Matt Cain, I wasn’t sure if Arias had enough on the throw fearing that his throw might have reached first base on a short hop, but the ball surely made it into the glove of Belt and just in time.

The Giants celebrated with showering Cain on the field with whatever beverages they had on hand. This is one moment that Cain will never forget.

I am proud to be a GIANT!

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